I'm Amelia

I'm the owner and maker behind Little Eli!

Concrete is my jam! It has the most wonderful character, with a depth and subtlety that you just don't find in many other materials. The simple fact is, concrete is all around us, but we all look right past it. 

That's like super sad right?

Here we have this awesome, neutral, textural material, that goes with everything, and we just ignore it! But don't feel bad! Overlooking stuff and zoning out comes naturally. You're busy, you have needs, and you've got a million things pulling at your attention. And that is exactly why I use concrete.

My jewelry is a wearable reminder to slow down and appreciate the world around you.

It's is about celebrating the overlooked and living in the moment.

It's about getting lost

It's about seeing things differently

It's about living with purpose

It's about being present.

From my home studio in Baton Rouge LA, I sketch, form, solder, pour, sand, polish, and seal, everything you see in the shop, from concrete filled necklaces, to pillows that look soft to the touch.

I understand that concrete jewelry may be a totally new thing for you. All my concrete jewelry comes with a 3-month/3-compliment guarantee! Wear it for 3 months, and if you don't get at least 3 compliments on it, send it back, no questions asked. I also offer a 1 year warranty on all jewelry, so if it falls off your neck and down 3 flights of stairs, I've got you covered. 

Oh yeah!

I make awesome shit with a paint brush too!

I'm the kind of gal that responds to direct, no-bullshit motivation. So I started making "motivational quotes" with a rougher style, that cuts through all the fluff.

I don't believe in "your vibe attracts your tribe" or "understand your worth". *eye roll*

Because that's super generic, and you've heard it so many times, it's lost all it's meaning.

Instead, I'm all about "do your fucking best" and "be god damn fearless".

Because life isn't always pretty, or censored, and you don't need any extra bullshit getting in the way of your awesome.