Birchbox 6 Month Review

Top 5 Roundup #Birchbox - Little Eli

Hello beautiful ladies,

October was my 6th month of Birchbox. That little pink package on my door step has been really good at brightening my week. (Mitchell also gets the men's birchbox, and he has been equally pleased with his products which makes Christmas shopping this year really easy!)

I've really enjoyed everything about my experiences and being able to pamper myself for a few days a month for so cheap.

Today I round up my top 5! This is the short list of things I would actually buy, with actual monies. It was pretty difficult to narrow it down to just 5, if I'm being honest. (So there's a #6 down there that I probably wouldn't buy for myself, but would looove as a gift *hint hint* Muhuhahaha)

Beauty Protector: Protect and Detangle Spray

To me, my biggest hair annoyance is shine. So I love pretty much everything about this leave in conditioner. I love the way it smells. I love that i can spray it on wet hair and blow or air dry. I love how it makes my hair feel. It was pretty much love at first spray. 


Cynthia Rowley: Beauty Eyeliner

You guys. YOU GUISE! This stuff is so awesome. SO AWESOME! I never wore eyeliner because high school (& early 2000s style ) left a bad taste in my mouth. I only saw eyeliner as a blurry mess, a 14 year old trying to be 17, something that pairs well with badly done bleach blonde hair, that made your eyes smaller (you get the gist) and I wanted nothing to do with it. Cut to today where I regularly wear this liner in silver. I have both the silver and black, and there are more colors being added online all the time. I swear this may honestly become my dirty little secret. Oh and its super smooth to apply, and bold, and it stays where you put it, and I just love it so much.


 Laura Mercier: Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara:

I've never had strong feelings about mascara. I've always been told that if you aren't going to wear make-up, you still wear mascara because it makes such a difference and blah blah blah. And honestly I never thought it was much different than without it. Plus without it I was free to rub my eyes until my heart's content! Now, I pretty much love mascara and I realized it was probably cause the stuff I had before was shite. This stuff is awesome. It separates and thickens and its just a nice touch. Not overly dramatic, and you won't trick people into thinking your are wearing "falsies" (or whatever, cause that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of and I have no idea how that's a thing now but whatever).

Vasanti: Brighten Up Face Rejuvenator:

Love this stuff so much! And I can make a little go a long way. I'm pretty lacking as far as an every day cleanser goes, but I love this stuff for a little extra scrub. I use it in the shower, and I love that it actually feels like I'm getting shite done! Scrub scrub scrub! 

Number 4: Hydrating Shampoo

I wasn't sold completely after my first use, but then Mitch got it in his box, and I got to try it again and that was the turning point for me. Left my hair soo soft, and manageable, and I didn't have to flat iron it at all and, ahh just thinking back to then makes me want to order some. Oh, and it smells nice too. And just everything about it is a little treat and now I super miss it...

Juliette Has A Gun: Not A Perfume

This is the stuff thats expensive, and I probably wouldn't buy it for myself (unless, maybe with a holiday bonus or something,) But I loved it's simple scent, and it would make a great signature fragrance. Maybe I'll cave and treat-my-self to some after a big pay-day, or maybe I'll just try to drop enough hints to Mitchell. 

There you have it ladies! My list of things I would actually consider spending monies on. Not necessarily things I think you NEED to add to your regimen, or things I simply CANNOT LIVE without. But little extras that would make my day's better and more enjoyable.


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