DIY Copper and Wood Candleholder

***I've got to mention that I made this while Hugh Laurie was on LBP playing piano and singing New Orleans Jazz music. It was fantastic. Sometimes I really like not having cable.***

Hello everyone!

This week I'm sharing a quick little how-to on this candle holder I made this past week. I've been on a serious copper kick lately. Well, really, I've been getting back to the basics lately: wood, copper, cement, and leather, are pretty much all I think about. I've got a couple other copper/wood+leather tutorials up my sleeve for later, but lets start with something simple.


Totally inspired by these, I set out to make my own. 

copper candle 4.jpg
copper candle 3.jpg
copper candle 2.jpg

First, the supplies!

Walnut Dowel: 3/8th inch thick, 36 inches long. (It fits perfectly in the 0.5 inch copper fittings.) If you want to go bigger or smaller in diameter, get the dowel that is 1/8th smaller than the copper fitting size. 

Copper Fittings: Fittings come in 4-5 main sizes at the big hardware stores: 0.25", 0.5", 0.75", 1", and sometimes 1.25" But keep in mind that your candles are likely going to be 0.75" wide.  I went with 0.5" diameter fittings. I got (3) 1/2-3/4 couplings, (2) 45' curves, (2) 90' curves, and (2) three way tees. (The picture shows four tees, I ended up not needing that many.)

Candles: I got a whole box of these from Pier 1 last year before hurricane season. They are simple, elegant, and (luckily) exactly 0.75 inches in diameter. 

Optional: Brasso to polish the copper and Glue to secure the copper and wood together. You can skip the polishing step, but I like to get all the hardware store funk off my pieces. 

First I did some quick math on how many wood pieces I would need to connect all the fittings in the design. I ended up cutting five 4" pieces, three 2" pieces and one piece 4 3/8" long. I cut the longest piece from the end of the dowel so it was flush on one end. I had a few inches left over, so if you mess up a cut really bad, it's ok, there's some wiggle room built in. 

Next I played around with assembly and how I wanted it all to fit together. Don't start gluing anything until you are sure of your layout.  


Then I polished up my copper fittings. You can skip this step if you want a more worn in look, but I like cleaning them at least once to get the hardware store gunk off.  

Finally just glue/assemble! The dowels are a snug fit which is nice. I wanted mine to be able to rotate and reshape, so I only glued in these spots. It allows the joints to turn and be customizable, but also keeps the vertical pieces straight and in line. I used E6000 glue, and applied it to the inside of the copper fittings with a q-tip. 


Then insert candles and enjoy! I find myself moving it around my living room to wherever I need it, so I may have to make another!  

Oh, and if you don't want to do all the shopping, measuring, and cutting, I've been thinking about making a kit and selling it in the shop. Let me know in the comments if you would be interested! 

Have a great week!