Leather and Wood Hanging Shelf.

This weekend when trying to bring some sense of order to my living room I realized that I didn't have a really good place to set things down as I came inside. As a result, every morning I was usually hunting for my purse and sunglasses.


So really quickly I whipped up this little shelf. I trimmed two long continuous pieces from the edge of my vinyl stockpile, just to see if I liked it. I'll probably actually make it out of leather when I feel like sewing some pieces together. Then I punched holes in all 4 ends at once so I knew they were all the same height. Ran the straps through my shelf, and use some roofing nails I had on hand to tack it to the wall. It's a great place for my purse and some flowers, that takes up no floor space by my already crowded front door.


  • Two Vinyl strips. 30" long and roughly 2" wide.
  • Two roofing nails. 
  • One rectangle shelf. I have maybe 10-15 of these rectangle and cube shelves. I made them last year for some modular storage options. I love them! I often move them around the house where ever I need them. I can go into further detail about them if you want.

And there's so much you can do with something this simple! I've thought about in later variations, sanding and staining or painting it a fun color.

I've been doing a lot of re-purposing lately around my apartment, and I'm sure I'll have more posts about that later, but what about you?! What have y'all done lately around your house to shake things up without having buy anything new? Let me know in the comments.


And sorry this didn't go up yesterday and for the icky photo. I took a bunch of pictures when I was making it and putting it up, but now I can't find my camera. So I snapped one really quick leaving the house this morning.