5 Tips for a Killer Craft Show

5 Tips for a Killer Craft Show - Little Eli

Hello all!

As you remember, about a month ago we went to our biggest New Orleans craft show! We had done a few small shows to get our feet wet, but this was our the first major production. And boy, do I have some tips for you!!

This was our smoothest running, and best looking display to date, so read on to get some tips for your own killer craft show!

5 Tips for a Killer Craft Show - Little Eli

1. Give them a little something for free

I like having candy on our tables, but we have had bookmarks and seed paper too. Having something for them immediately breaks the ice. They generally ask before taking it, which gets the lines of conversation open. (Plus it gives you a chance to make a great first impression: saying yes with a big smile!) Then they feel comfortable enough to ask follow up questions about your products. And BINGO! You're having a conversation. If you are going with candy, individually wrapped candy like Jolly Rancher or Starburst works best.

ELI TIP: Put your cards and email signup next to the freebie. They'll feel obligated to give you their info.

5 Tips for a Killer Craft Show - Little Eli

2. Don't make them as you questions

Put prices on EVERYTHING! Make it as easy as possible to find out how much things cost. You won't want to say the same thing all night, so let a sign say it for you. If you make a unique thing, (concrete jewelry, hand dyed wool scarves, roadkill necklaces) make a few signs with those details. Highlight the interesting part of your process/product. We could have used a few signs that said "CONCRETE JEWELRY. YES REALLY."

5 Tips for a Killer Craft Show - Little Eli

3. Make sure they don't forget about you

Get your brand into their hands! Business cards, thank you cards in gift bags, email sign up, anything. In a perfect world, you want every person who passed your booth to have a piece of your brand. I print cards at home for a craft show, and I usually put more info on them. i.e. extended tagline or short product pitch. Something so they remember you're the concrete girls, or the roadkill guy, or the one with the super fluffy scarves.

ELI TIP: Don't forget your contact info! Twitter, instagram, Pinterest... everything! This is as much about connecting, as it is about making sales.

5 Tips for a Killer Craft Show - Little Eli

4. Be prepared to take their money

Well I really think the first part of this step is to price your things in an easy way. All of our things were priced $5, $10, $20, etc. Then go get change! Make sure you have a card reader too. We have both the Etsy reader and the PayPal Here reader. If you have an Etsy shop you can get the reader for free, and it syncs with the inventory in your shop, so you can take in person orders and online orders too. NO EXCUSES!

Also have a system in place for recording ALL sales in one place so you can look at the whole picture. 

5 Tips for a Killer Craft Show - Little Eli

5. Make your display as foolproof as possible

You will have enough on your mind, don't make your display a puzzle to put together. You may not have that much time to set-up or take down, so make sure you can do it quickly. I also think it has the biggest impact if you have a theme to the display. Concrete is obviously industrial, so we went with a black table cloth, re-purposed windows, plywood displays, and steel pipe accents. It was cohesive, highlighted the products, and was so easy to unpack and set up! I honestly wouldn't change a thing about our display for next time. 

And a HUUUGE, GINORMOUS, IMMEASURABLE, thank you to all of our supporters, visitors, and shoppers! This show just wouldn't have been possible, or as successful as it was, without each and every one of you believing in us!


If you couldn't make it out to the RAW Show in New Orleans, we are going to be at Girls Night Out - Pop Up Market In Downtown Baton Rouge on February 26th! We are pretty excited to meet the other fabulous makers in BR, and finally have a local show!

What are your tips for a great craft show?