Happy Birthday to ME! + FREE PRINTABLE

Happy Birthday + FREE Printable Goal Calendar - Little Eli

Happy Birthday to ME!

I turned 26 today.

26 seems like an in-between age. I'm still in my mid-twenties. 25 is a big deal because it is such a nice number, so 26 is just like... the next year. I mean, I had a pretty eventful 25th year that's for sure. Let's recap:

-- I've been at my job for just over a year now, so that's awesome, and I really enjoy it here.

-- I bought a house. No small feat for a 25 year old. (And people keep telling me that, which is a bit weird, cause I'm totally over it, but they are not, apparently.)

-- I was nominated, then elected, to the Executive Committee for the Louisiana Chapter of ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) so that was awesome.

So yeah, 25 was a pretty good year for me. I can't say I'm really going to try topping it with 26 (I mean I'm not going to buy another house.) So I decided that...

This year is about building on the foundations I Laid last year. 

-- Start really studying for my licensing exams. Ugh.

-- Do some remodel work to the utility areas of the house. Overhaul the shed and make it a functional little work shop.

-- Grow as a committee member and really find my voice as the associate representative. 

And of course I want Little Eli to grow. This year is going to be a lot of fun. We're going to focus on mixing materials this year. Really stretching the boundaries of what you can do with concrete. So I'm excited for that!

Downloadable 2015 Goal Desk Calendar - Little Eli

Oh yeah, the printable! Haha, almost forgot about it. With the New Year, and getting a year older, we set a lot of goals for ourselves. Huge, year-long goals. That we probably write down, but soon forget about. 

That's why I made this little monthly goal calendar. It lets you break down your big, huge, reach-for-the-stars goal. Break it into small monthly chucks (divide and conquer) or set a new goal for every month (jack-of-all-trades)!

Since I don't have any huge goals this year, I'm going to pick a new goal every month. Grow myself little by little.

My January goal is to "make working out a habit". I think you only have to do something for like 3-5 weeks for it to become a habit, so I figure if I can stick to my workout routine for all of January, then I can shift into auto-pilot. It would feel so good to just be one of those "people who work out". 

Free Printable! 2015 Goal Calendar - Little Eli

I've already decided on a February goal too! I want to really define my personal style, create a true capsule wardrobe, and design a personal uniform! I stumbled onto Into-Mind recently, which promptly became an information overload!  I love how she walks you through every thought process and is so informative.

Come next month, I'll probably buy her wardrobe workbook and get to town making my wardrobe everything I wish it could be! I know it's not until February, but I've already started pinning a ton of signature style, and fashion inspiration to a new private pinterest boards. Tehehe. (UPDATE: I already bought her workbook because I have no self control. But I'll save the heavy lifting for next month. Maybe.)

2015 Goal Calendar - Little Eli

I printed it on 110lb cardstock at my home office and put it in a little wooden stand I had. At my 'real-job' office, I just printed it on regular printer paper and clipped it with a tiny binder clip.

So go on, grab the 2015 Monthly Goal Calendar! Just download, print, and cut right down the middle! Oh, and print it full size (not fit to page) so the watermark at the bottom won't show up on your printout.

Oh, and don't forget to wish me a Happy Birthday! hahaha

Tell me in the comments, how you plan for your new year.
Or just wish me a happy birthday!