Wearing Concrete #4

Right now, until the end of the month when they disappear forever*, all the pieces featured in the wearing concrete series (the Orion, the Eros, the Dione, and now the Hades) are on sale! No coupon needed. Just pop over to the shop and add to cart!

Wearing Concrete #4: The Hades: Casual texture for everyday.

I simply adore concrete. It's got delicate textures that I compare to marble and leather. And since its so simple, layered, and neutral; it goes with a lot of styles. 

From the office to the streets, nothing is easier and more interesting to accessorize with than concrete. 

Wearing Concrete: Casual texture for everyday

Can't you see yourself running around town in this outfit! I am super in love with denim. You know that. I know that. So this month I'm totally embracing it with this awesome denim romper/overalls/skirt with straps. Paired with a simple white tee and a black bomber jacket. I love it with boots, cause I don't care if it "works" or not, it looks comfortable and is perfect for those busy autumn weekends. A synch backpack to hold all your adventure needs, and you are ready to tackle your day. 

As great as this outfit is, and how utterly cool you would be in it, don't forget to skip around town. Skipping is like walking but more happy. 

The Hades / Light - Little Eli
The Hades / Marble - Little Eli
The Hades / Dark - Little Eli

A little bit about the Hades:

Everyone knows Hades is the ruler of the underworld. But with these simple, stunning, hexagon pendants, you'll be the ruler of your own domain. Whether it's above or below ground. Originally part of a larger series, the Hades pairs well with most everyone. Available in light, dark, or a striking marble, get this little pendant for your next other-worldly adventure. 

*November is the beginning of the new Little Eli. Starting November 1st, FIVE new necklaces will be launched every month. All limited edition and limited time only. I am so excited! I've got new materials to play with, new collaborations on the horizon, and I really think you're going to love whats coming!