The Designer's Gift Guide

Designer's are a special breed. Obsessed with good style, more childish then they want to admit, and always rethinking their schemes for world domination... Just me? Ok. 

Well whomever you're trying to gift this holiday season, I'm sure there is something on this list that will put a spark in their eye.  

The Designer's Gift Guide - Little Eli

For the Office

Designer Gift Guide - The Office - Little Eli

What a better way to watch the minutes till 5 tick by, then on that fabulous black ceramic wall clock?!

Keep your papers in order with the mint green and brass weeble-wobble paper weight, and only knock it over when you get really pissed... or bored.

Tape finally gets put on the pedestal it deserves with this yellow vision (also comes in black, white, and blue). 

Give your office a touch of green with this wonderful translucent resin hanging planter

And track your world dominations... err... daily activities with the Unsolicited Advice Weekly Planner. Available until THIS FRIDAY on Kickstarter. Chop chop!

For the House

Designer Gift Guide - The Home - Little Eli

The Ladies at Etch just released their home collection, and I only want everything. But these napkin rings and coasters have a special place in my heart. 

Tina Frey has a way with resin and I can't look away. These dreamy nesting bowls are the perfect addition to any serving set that needs a little character. 

And these maps break down popular cities, not by street, but by general areas as described by the locals. Understand cities on a deeper level and read all about the process, then grab some for your favorite geography nerd

For the Holidays

Designer Gift Guide - The Holidays - Little Eli

Nothing brings around the holiday feeling like the proper scents. Balsam Fir incense sticks give you that deep woods, crunchy leaves, light snowfall feeling, without all the work.

Deck the halls with geometric wooden garland. Much better then that messy and prickly holly. 

Get ready for Hanukkah with the most beautiful menorah I've ever scene. I'm not even Jewish but I want one!

Then trim your tree with these glorious metallic wiggly ornaments. And no you didn't have too much egg nog, they really look like that. 

Finally, get ready for the New Year in the best way possible, with pink champagne flutes of course! I can not think of a better way to drink bubbly!

Or if you need something a bit more, "comes in a jewelry box", head to the shop for this month's exclusive necklaces. 

Alright, so no excuses this year! Get your designer something they will really love.

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