The Quartz Collection

I am so excited to launch the first monthly collection of new jewelry! It's been rolling around in my head for a while, and this is the month it finally gets out into the world.

I know you hear a lot of online people say that "no one really knows what they're doing". Well that is especially true for me. I've never designed, created, and launched a line in as little as a month. And I've certainly never repeated it, which is what I'm going to try and do for next month, and the next month, and the next month, etc.

This month is the Quartz Collection. It's pretty obvious why. And I won't go too much into what inspired me, because that's pretty obvious too. 

The Quartz Collection - November - Little Eli

It all started with some molds I made for a client's project. That's where I fell in love with casting small, natural objects, and now I just cant stop. I am obsessed with creating contrast with my designs. Not just in color, but in expectations. 

Quartz crystals are generally translucent, slick, and glossy. Casting them in concrete naturally rids them of all their defining characteristics, leaving only their distinctive shape to tell their story.

Add to that stainless steel wire, and you're left with something you're used to, but something about it is new. 

The Quartz Collection - Little Eli

First, the little gem that could. The Artemis. A cross between the Dione and the Andromeda, the Artemis is a small quartz piece that hangs off center. Giving you that perfect level of effortless and style. Released first in stainless steel, later this month it will be making a debut in gold! And like all of this month's designs, it's a limited edition piece, with only 3 being created.

The Artemis - Quartz Collection - Little Eli

The Andromeda. Strong. Powerful. Makes a statement. The Andromeda is what you would expect from the description "wire wrapped quartz crystal" but it does it in a completely different way. Hanging on a 24" chain, this subtle statement necklace packs a punch. This is a unique piece for this month, with only 2 left in stock. 

The Andromeda - The Quartz Collection - Little Eli

Finally, the Aphrodite. A perfect, medium size quartz, under a tower of glass. Total pendant size is close to 3 inches long, on a 30 inch chain. This long necklace is great for layering or carelessly tossing on over your favorite button down blouse. The beads featured are recycled glass, handmade in Africa, and come in a stunning green, or soothing blue. Only 3 of each available this month. 

The Aphrodite - The Quartz Collection - Little Eli

Meet the Quartz Collection. Simple, natural, edgy, and easy; they wear well with whatever you can throw at them. 

StyleAmelia Rusbar