Wearing Concrete #5

This month I've totally channeled my inner Emmanuelle Alt. The classic fashion icon with tons of sleek french style, won over my heart long ago, and it's about time I recognized. 

Wearing Concrete #5 - Channeling your Emmanuelle - Little ELi

This month I focused on simple basics that work together, plus I added in my recent favorite perfume. I reviewed it forever ago when I got it in a Birchbox and I still can not get enough. 

Wearing Concrete #6 - Little Eli

Simple tailored white button up shirt. Front tucked - obviously. Straight cut jeans in a weathered gray wash plus black boots with a little detail. The brass in the leather belt, ties into the brass details in the boots, ties in with the gold in the necklace. Top with Not a Perfume, and you have an effortless look that stands apart.

A little about the Artemis:

Artemis is one of the most widely respected of the Ancient Greek Deities. She is the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, and the wilderness. With this simple little quartz concrete pendant, you too can rule the natural world around you. My favorite piece this month for every day wear, (have you noticed how I like versatile pieces?) the Artemis comes in gold or steel to match whoever you decide to be today.