February Rewind

February Rewind - Goal Setting and Tracking - Little Eli

Hello those at home following along,

If you've been paying attention, I made myself a monthly goal calender, and have been working on one specific task a month, getting more and more awesome as the year goes on.


Follow Into-Mind.com's wardrobe workbook to develop my personal style & rebuild my wardrobe. 

I am honestly, really happy to be done with February. I got so excited back in January for my closet/wardrobe overhaul, that once I actually got around to the workbook, I was kinda burnt out on making a color pallet for my skin tone, and deciding on which silhouettes worked best for my lifestyle.

So I didn't actually finish the workbook. Not to say I didn't accomplish and learn a lot about myself and my style. But the last week or so, that workbook was sitting on my vanity just taunting me with its blank pages and unfinished color wheels. 

I'll probably slowly finish it over the next few months, when I feel motivated, or when my wardrobe is feeling stale and I need a boost of inspiration. 

It is really comforting to know what styles, colors, patterns, work for me though. The peace of mind that brings made it all worth it. 

Here are some "after" pictures of my closet. Obviously its all cleaned out, with new shelves and hanging system installed, and it's actually been working really well for me this month. Having sliding doors on the closet is like the least efficient thing ever, but they came with the house, and are really nice, so I'm learning to adapt. 

The left side, Where i keep all my folded clothes, shoes, and unmentionables. 

The left side, Where i keep all my folded clothes, shoes, and unmentionables. 

The right side, where I have all my hanging items, like tops, slacks, jackets and skirts.

The right side, where I have all my hanging items, like tops, slacks, jackets and skirts.

And yes, that is my entire closet. I have some out-of-season stuff in storage in the closet in my office, but this is all the space I have for my daily wardrobe. M has a closet in his office, the same size, for all of his clothes.

I'll give myself a B- for this month. My closet is 300% better than it ever was, and it's been easy to maintain. I know what styles to look for the next time I go shopping.I have a vision of the person I want to be/portray. I feel 100x better about my wardrobe even though I didn't finish the workbook. And that's what's important. 

And I'll leave the workbook, unfinished, on my vanity, so it can continue to taunt me. 


Start/Finish the "30 Days to Better Hand Lettering" course/workbook.

AHHH! OK, this goal I am totally excited for! I didn't even break the rules and buy the workbook early! It's going to be my March treat. 

I love drawing, and have always been attracted to hand lettering, but never developed any actual skills doing it. It's just one of those things I wish I could do way better.

PLUS! It will let me create little monthly freebies/printables for the blog that I'm actually proud of! Maybe some will even make it into the shop!... Ok I'm getting way ahead of myself for this goal. But I already have some big plans for my new, awesome, hand lettering skills! So I can't flake out on this one. 

P.S. The 30 Days to Better Hand Lettering Group is doing a daily hand lettering challenge for March, and you'll be able to follow along on my instagram.

How are your resolutions coming?
Did you forget every one you made?
It's ok! It's not too late to start now!