Un-Valentines Day Inspiration + FREE STUFF!

Un-Valentine's Day + FREE PRINTABLE - Little Eli

Bah-Humbug! Or whatever the Valentine's Day equivalent is. 

Maybe I'm just not the romantic type. I can live with that. Romantic comedies make my skin crawl, the thought of a public proposal makes my palms sweet, and I just don't believe in soul mates.

Because I'm such a curmudgeon, and I obviously have a dislike for cheesy, or adorable, or pink hearts in general, I made these downloads! Even the not-over-the-top cards I've seen lately are still pretty girly and cutesie. Get that sh!t outa' here! SO you can get these instead! In either an 8x10 print, or greeting card format.

Prints or Censored Prints / Cards or Censored Cards

Now, don't go thinking I hate love, or that I'm just a scorned single lady destined to spend holidays alone with my six cats. M and I have been together for over 7 years now. (HOLY CRAP!!) I am head over heels in love with him, and he usually rolls his eyes at my private expressions of unyielding affection. I just think this SPECIFIC day is full of anguish and unneeded pressure and blarg!

So I'm the perfect person to tell you how to cram as much love and gushy feelings into your Valentines Day as humanly possible!!!

Just kidding. Here's how I would actually spend Valentine's day:

First I would sleep in. Like waaaay in. And M would bring me breakfast in bed. Nothing ornate. Just a simple breakfast with sausage, bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs, OJ. Maybe waffles if we're feeling extra ambitious. Then we would probably spend the morning catching up on our shows. Oddly enough we both love Nature and Space Documentaries, so maybe we would watch one before lunch. 

Speaking of lunch! It would be at a restaurant we haven't been to yet. But nothing fancier than jeans. I love heading to a restaurant for lunch instead of dinner. Less pressure, and less $$$. Yaknowhatimsayin! 

The afternoon I would probably be playing video games with M. We don't play together nearly enough and I would love to make that a thing again. Also, the afternoon also gets me walking Moxxi around the neighborhood. I've really started to enjoy our walks, learning the area and meeting the neighbors. 

Dinner would be from a fancy restaurant. But take-out so we could sit on the floor and eat it in sweatpants! And probably a Red Box movie. And maybe popcorn. And we got little presents for each other. 

Then, well you know, you have to end the evening doing adult stuff. *winkwink* *totallynotobvious*

Overall it would be relaxing, no pressure, no expectations. Just a day really enjoying each other's company. We really do a great job of entertaining ourselves, which is special to me to have in our relationship. That after 7+ years we aren't bored of us yet. 

*Valentine's day this year falls on the Saturday before Mardi Gras. Meaning I'll probably be in New Orleans getting drunk all day. The above is how I would do V-Day on a non-Mardi Gras weekend. Or if I lived anywhere outside Louisiana*

OH! And don't forget to download you some Un-Valentine's day Prints and Cards! WEE! Prints or Censored Prints / Cards or Censored Cards

What are your plans for V-Day?