Springs is finally here!

Spring Photo Challenge - #elislittlemoments - Little Eli

In honor of the first day of spring, I spent last weekend... Well honestly I spent it cleaning mostly. (Which is also a big part of spring, but not what I wanna talk about today.) I tried to spend it falling in love with all the little smiles around me!

Today I wanna talk about ACTIVELY appreciating your surroundings! (I guess this could also be about positive life affirmations... but whatev)

Tell yourself OUT LOUD when something is beautiful.
Take a picture of every. little. thing. that makes you smile.
Compliment a stranger! 

Snap a pic of the thing making you smile
tag it #elislittlemoments
Lets collect all those little,
ordinary, moments of Happy!

For example, my yard is completely over grown right now. It's been a total lack of care on my part, and it looks like poo. My citrus trees are drowning in weeds and ants. The front yard is laughable (and I'm a landscape architect for heaven sake). And the lawn has gone uncut for months now, mostly because I can't seem to get the lawn mower up and running. 

So instead of actually fixing any of those things, I took some time last weekend to walk around my yard, look at problem areas, and find the beauty and wonder in them. 

I mean, look at this little weed! Isn't it adorable! If i kept a manicured lawn, it would never get a chance to do its little flower thang! 


And look at this happy puppy! Sure she likes the grass short, but when its long she has more places to hide and jump out at the cats! 


And my bare fig tree was looking harsh all winter. Well guess what, its leafing out and looking so fabulous! 


Even kitten was getting in on it! Enjoying the view and the breeze. 


And finally, my mulberry flowered out the last few weeks, so now its time for happy little leaves! Yay leaves!


So I challenge you! What around you have you been overlooking, or have you gotten used to, that could use a fresh look?

Spring is all about fresh looks! Snap a picture and tag it #elislittlemoments!
Lets collect all those little, ordinary, moments of happiness!

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