Under Solo Management

Hello all!

Amelia here. It is with equal parts excitement and sadness that I announce today that Meghan is no longer a part of the Little Eli team. As many of you long time fans will know, Meghan and I started Little Eli about 2 years ago, simply as a way to share what we were making with the world.

The first shop was a hodge-podge of concrete dishes, agate jewelry, and handmade soap. We were all over the map, but had fun trying out anything we could get our hands on. (I like to think we were passionate tinkerers.)

As the years progressed, the shop got more organized, focused, and my passion of designing concrete jewelry emerged. The shop transitioned from rough pots to polished necklaces, while we transitioned from rough college kids to polished women. We graduated college, went to Grad School, bought homes, got married, and really started building the lives we were passionate about.

I dove head first into building Eli from a "hobby shop" into something I could really be proud of, along with lofty visions of it supporting me long term. Meghan, on the other hand, has a hard time sitting still and immersed herself in multiple jobs, various other creative endeavors, and seriously got her hustle on.

It is on the heals of Meghan's largest and most exciting project that we part ways. Meghan has opened a baby boutique right here in Baton Rouge! I could seriously not be more impressed by her and all that her hard work has gotten her so far. I know it is just the beginning, and I wish her all the best! 

Now the exciting parts. The Little Eli you have come to love, really won't be changing much at all. The last few months have been a progression of me taking over more and more while Meghan stepped back to build her shop. So the Eli you see today is the "new Little Eli" that I've been busy forging the last few months. I've been working extra hard behind the scenes so this would be a seamless and effortless transition.

And seriously you guys, I am so excited to show you all the new ideas I've been working on for Little Eli! A lot is still in the demo stages, so Join the Little Insiders to find out firsthand when new wonderful things are coming. But I am so full of love and drive and excitement for what is to come! Y'all have no idea!

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