Wearing Concrete #1

Hello there!

Concrete jewelry is definitely a new and strange thing, and there are probably a lot of y'all who really don't know how to wear it, or just need some inspiration. So I've started this series to help you out! 

For this maiden voyage, I'm starting with a very "real life" outfit. I pretty much lived in this the entire week I was at the beach. Its perfect for sunny, hot, and windy. It's also my go-to outfit for running around town on the weekends since it is just so effortless.

Wearing Concrete 1 - Cool, neutral, and natural materials.

Tuck a basic white tank top into a super comfy gray maxi skirt. Drape with a loose fitting, faded blue, chambray button down. Slip into leather sandals and a cross body leather bag. Add angular shades, and BAM, out the door! It's quick, comfortable, and totally light weight.

I can wear chambray literally all year round, but in the summer, and especially on the beach, I love that it keeps the sun off your shoulders without getting too hot and miserable. #chambrayallday

A little about Orion: 

The Orion is inspired by the three bright stars of Orion's belt (a.k.a. The Three Sisters: Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka, if you want to nerd out with me). Alongside the concrete, it also features recycled glass beads, handmade in Ghana, Africa by local artists. Head over to the shop to check it out.

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