5 simple ways to stay inspired so you don’t lose your creative edge

Being a designer, a maker, or an entrepreneur can require you to be on top of your game, and when its good, it is so good! But even the most interesting passions can get a little blah. The honeymoon phase passes and you're stuck grinding away.

Get client, design, deliver, repeat. Soon you could be thinking that your passion was just a passing fancy. But you aren't burnt out, you just lost your spark! So before you think about giving up, give these tips a try.

Plus I made you a pack of free desktop wallpapers, for new motivation every time you open your laptop!

Simple ways to stay inspired so you don't lose your creative edge - Little Eli

Join a community

Find a facebook group of like minded people. Take a course with a slack group. Join in every twitter chat you can think of, if just for the week. The goal is to find a community of people to keep you accountable, keep you thinking, and that present you with new challenges.

My favorites? The Babes Make Things Facebook Group. The Side Hustlers Slack Group. And the twitter chats #creativeschat, #altchat, and #ModernMonday by dwell. 


Take a class

Join Skillshare or Coursera and find something that interests you, preferably not in your niche. Check out your community college for a great, traditional, learning environment. Find your local Artist Guild and practice a new craft. Or join a gym with guided classes, like yoga, pilates, or even self defense. 

It's amazing how much more focused and driven I am after I leave my workout classes. The motivation and accountability in a guided class always translates to me being more motivated and inspired to work on my business.



Surprise surprise! Staring at the same "hang in there" cat poster every day, has not helped boost your confidence. Even the most inspiring of spaces needs a refresh. Whether its a fresh coat of paint, or just a crisp new print, changing your work zone will have a positive reflection on your work.

This is the reasoning behind the Little Motivator Bundle! It comes with 6 prints so you can constantly change your motivation and stay focused. Having an extra difficult Thursday? Just breathe. Then get your shit done on Friday so you can peace out early! 

Look outside your comfort zone

Fashion blogger? Spend some time on Dwell.com. Graphic designer? Head outside and take pictures of your neighborhood. Artist? Make Packaging Design your new best friend.

Get your head out of your niche and into a different passion. See where other creatives go for their inspiration, and figure out how you can adapt it. Whenever I'm feeling stale in the jewelry design department, I reach for the newest Dwell magazine. 


Break out of your Routine

It can be as simple as trying a new place for lunch or taking a new way to work. Head to a museum this weekend instead of another netflix binge. Or drive one town over and explore! 

The point is, having new experiences, no matter how small, can alter how you see the world. To grown as a designer, you have to keep pushing, keep experiencing!

Another thing I love to do is set up a series of desktop wallpapers and have them set to change once a day. Then every morning when I get to my computer... BAM! New daily slogan!

So, I made you a pack of 7 wallpapers to get your gears turning!

You will get instant access to the download. Just follow the link!

What are your favorite ways to stay inspired?
What always gets you back in the zone?