Wearing Concrete #3

Wearing Concrete. The Dione. Kicking Ass and Taking Names - Little Eli

I've been feeling powerful lately.

It's amazing.

I started lifting weights, heavy weights. I take a self defense/fighting class. I eat way better. And I start every morning with a green smoothie. (#humblebrag I'm becoming one of those people.)

All of those things give me a feeling of understated power, unassuming strength, and general badassery. Getting your mind right, and believing you can take over the world, works even better when you know you could actually kick an ass if necessary. 

All of that brings me to the Dione Necklace. Another metal+concrete colab. This time with a high shine, chrome finish, and an asymmetrical design.

Wearing Concrete #3 - Little

So much unassuming power in this outfit. Start with tight black jeans. I like to pair that with a neutral/monochrome graphic tee. And top with a black leather jacket. Nothing speaks confidence like black leather. Let everyone know you mean business with killer red heals. Add another bit of flash with a metallic clutch. All together, you are ready for whatever the day throws at you, and prove you are certainly capable of dishing it right back.

Hell yeah girl!

A little bit about the Dione:

Dione translates to "goddess" and she is commonly refereed to as the Mother of Love. You're gonna feel like a goddess when you wear her! A chrome plated rectangle hangs off-center from a silver chain. No time for symmetry here, you've got ass to kick, and your own special brand of love to spread!