The Squared Collection

The Squared Collection - Copper and Concrete Jewelry - Little Eli

Squared 1

So much of the city to see and so little time. Pop into that coffee shop. Run to this museum. Don't forget to snap a picture in the courtyard. Are these really the best taco's in Philly? Who cares, you're famished. You blend in with the city. Relaxing in a little park, you gaze down at your shirt. Damn, spilled taco juice on it.

Squared 2

A simple Saturday at the market. You've been trying to go more. You know, support local and all. It's just so bloody early. Oh well. You admire those with the determination to make it a habit. She catches your eye. Her perfectly weathered tote. Her perfectly practical skirt. Her perfectly casual style. Check one for effortless. 

Squared 3

An unseasonally warm autumn afternoon. Semi-prepared, you roll up your sleeves and untuck your chambray. You grab a table in the courtyard this time. Your server brings the usual, while you get lost in the pages of your sketchbook. In between the richness of the indigo and the texture of the graphite, that's where your magic lays. 

The Squared Collection. Only one of each is available. Each is made right here in Baton Rouge. Each is strung on an adjustable black leather cord. The concrete is sealed with a water-based acrylic sealer to prevent it from picking up stains. The copper is sealed with Renaissance Wax to prevent tarnishing. 

In the shop today. Available only for January.

StyleAmelia Rusbar