Stuck at your desk looking at a greige wall?
Need a kick in the ass to get moving again?

Then the Little Motivator Bundle is going to be your new favorite thing.

You sit at a desk all day, being lulled to sleep by your soft cubical walls, and counting the milliseconds till 5pm.

You work from home, grinding away, and long for the touch of a human that isn't in tech support.

You're worried you made a stupid mistake, leaving your safe, but soul-sucking job for the pipe dream.

I don't care where you're stuck at in life. I think you fucking rock!

Look at you! You know you were destined for greatness, and there you are, achieving it! Or trying it. Or playing footsie with it. 

I'm not kidding, you're probably fantastic. You're the bees-knees, the cat's-pajamas, the apple of my eye.

And you deserve to feel special.

With the Little Motivator Bundle, you get everything you need to stay motivated in your work life.

The Bundle is what gets you over that 3pm slump. It's what you look for when you need to get jacked up.

It's the coach in your corner yelling personal shit in your face to make you fight harder, stronger, smarter!

Get the Bundle today, and get a completely unique concrete photo stand, and 6 original hand painted quotes.

It's all designed to help you rise up, kick ass, and take names. 

Because shit yeah you can!

Let me kick you in the pants.

You won't find any half-ass motivation here.
I only dish out the finest, 100% pure, grade-A, full-ass content!

All 6 hand painted quotes are limited edition. I'm only making enough for this first round of orders, so you are guaranteed to get something completely special, that no one else has. Each concrete stand is cast by hand in my studio, finished with a water based sealer, and coated with love. They are all slightly different, just like you, ya' badass! So the Bundle you get in the mail, is truly a one-of-a-kind collection of functional sculpture and original art.

The Little Motivator Bundle is all yours,
shipped directly to your front door,
for only $97!

Yeah, I said it. Less than a Benjamin' for all that awesome shit!

This is a limited run product! That means I'm only making 20 of the Bundle. So when they're gone, they're GONE.
I don't know if/when I'll be making more.

You really need to order your Little Motivator Bundle already. 


Hey, I'm Amelia, the maker behind Little Eli, and the one who wants to be your biggest fan!

I noticed that whenever I was chatting with a fellow creative, a struggling friend, or a confused twitter follower, I wanted to be their cheerleader! I wanted them to know that whatever has them down, it's only temporary. I see potential in everyone. I believe that if you had someone on board, someone else that believed in your big, crazy, dreams, that you could move mountains! 

Well, the Little Motivator Bundle is how I get to be your cheerleader, your tough (but wise) coach, and maybe even your bff! (A girl can hope.)


And now for the technical stuff:

Concrete Stand: 6" wide & 5" tall. (15cm wide & 13cm tall)

Original Prints: 4.5" wide & 6" tall. (11.5cm wide & 15cm tall)

If you don't fall in love with your Bundle, just send it back. I won't even ask why, I'll just give you back your monies. Easy peasy.

International orders will incur additional shipping charges at time of shipping. Shipping to US residents is included in the price.

The Love Notes only ship to US residents at this time. If you live outside the US and order before the 15th, you will not receive a subscription to the Love Notes. I am sorry. I am currently working on a way to get you the fun of the love notes without the extreme international postage costs.

All orders placed before the 15th will ship out the 21st. All orders after September 15th will ship out one week after purchase. 
The Love Notes are sent out by the 25th of every month.

All Bundles ship USPS Priority with tracking.

Also, if you haven't noticed, I really like cursing, and the Bundle quotes will be no exception
Some quotes will feature curse words, but probably not all of them.

Have a question I didn't answer? Email me and I'll personally answer it.