Stuff I'm working on:

  1. Making more jewelry for the shop. Trying to get to 50 pieces by the Holidays
  2. Actually taking photos of the things I'm making, for the interwebs and insta's prying eyes.
  3. Refreshed the website layout. Minor tweaking
  4. Getting better at sending Just the Tip Tuesdays.
  5. Responding to asks on instagram @ Hell Yeah Brush Lettering
  6. Unsubscribing to blah newsletters.
  7. Binge listening to 99 percent invisible.
  8. Looking for more markets to sell my things at.

Stuff I'm not working on:

  1. I'm not writing posts for the blog.
  2. I'm not making more downloads for The Perks.
  3. I'm not adding tees or totes or mugs to the shop.


Updated: July 20th 2016.
age inspired by Jason Zook inspired by Derek Sivers