Athena - Steel

Athena - Steel


Running late never looked better.

Phone? Yep. Wallet? Yep. Sunglasses? Fuck... where did you leave those? Check your other purse. Still nothing? Come on. Get it together now. Ah, here they are! Ok. Here we go.

You lock the door behind you and stutter step down to the sidewalk. Do you have time for a coffee? You're already late, what's five more minutes.

Today is just too gorgeous to rush around. You sip your cappuccino as you stroll through the city. Every day you find something new to fall in love. What will it be today?

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  • Handmade concrete quartz-shaped pendant
  • Steel wire accent
  • Finished with a matching steel clasp
  • Pendant measures about 1 inch long
  • 18 inch chain